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Service Maintenance Repair
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Proton Service Dealer in Mukah 

We are the authorised Proton Service in Mukah.  So do come see us if you need to maintain your Proton and any warranty work.  There is a Rescue Tow Truck Service specially cater to any Proton customers also. 

Call ERA WHEELS AUTOMOBILE at 085 872 779, or call the Branch Head, Vincent 012 889 3787 or Service Head, Hamka 012 873 1787.  They are friendly and willing to serve at any time! 


This is our new addtion to the family and LOCALLY ASSEMBLED by LIONS Group in Malaysia.  Price is extremely reasonable and reliability is second to none.  This is the new trucks to reckon with and is on par or better than the Japanese models. 

Powerful, Euro2 compliant, and CHEAP spare availability.  It is distributed by KMA Marketing Group in Sabah (60% Sabah Government owned) and expect to see a lot of these brands (ie Tuah, Dong Feng, JAC) on our Sarawak roads. 

Visit us for the best deal and as usual, our award winning service centres are there to serve you, day and night and keeping you on the road, worry free.

We Say Goodbye to Ford... 

On October 15th 2010, we say GOODBYE to Ford and cease to become a Ford Dealer also in Bintulu.

However, our two offices in Bintulu (Kongtek Automart Sdn Bhd) and Sibu (KA Dua Automobile Sdn Bhd) with friendly and trained personnel will continue serving not only Ford customers, but becoming an independent workshop and providing 24 hour breakdown should the need araise, until such time a new brand is sign on. 

If you are still undecisive on what car you want to buy then, why not try renting the latest cars marque from our Car Rental Department first?  You may even get to drive it for free (max 3 days per model) under our "Rent it, Love it, Buy it" programme* for any cars we are the authorised dealer.

For more information, please contact Bintulu 086 313 219 (ask for Jimmy Foo), Sibu 084 336 151 (ask for En Saimi) or Mukah 084 872 779(ask for Vincent) for the range of cars available at the respective areas.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Valid Driving License (no Probational License Allowed), Minimum Age of 23 Years old and a Credit Card as guarantee.


Need to own a reliable MALAYSIAN Branded car?  Look no further as the quality and design outpace any other Malaysian brand we know.  With technology from top Japanese brands, one can never go wrong driving a Perodua.  If you cannot really decide what models to choose yet, why not try renting one to test, fill under our "drive it, love it and buy it" program?  You not only get to drive that car for FREE (max 3 days) but you will be sure of the Perodua cars to buy. 

Our Sales. Spare Parts and Service Centre are availabe in Miri with our Mobile team & trained technicians available.  Please contact 085-437093 (ask for Mr. Ronny Foo or any of his friendly sales staffs) and we are sure you have come to the right place for that particular Perodua. 

We fix what we sell and don't ever let that someone says otherwise! There is a lot of people out there claiming they know Kong Teck, but if you don't see a credential (ie. Name Tag), better give us a call quick!

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